Here’s the Fatal Flaw in Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Common Sense’ Gun Plan

Actor Matthew McConaughey visited Washington, D.C., this week to push for what he termed “reasonable, practical, tactical regulations” on gun rights, such as background checks, red-flag laws, and higher age limits.

“We’ve got a chance right now to reach for and to grasp a higher ground above our political affiliations,” he said, and “a chance to make a choice that does more than protect your party, a chance to make a choice that protects our country now and for the next generation.”

Corporate media and other activists praised his call for what they described as “common sense” restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. But even if people think the solution to the moral rot plaguing the country is to restrict gun rights, there is one very big reason why this plan is not “common sense” at all and why Republicans in Congress would not be able to support it.

Many Americans have a principled objection to restricting gun rights because they are the guard against tyranny that preserves American freedoms. But even for those who don’t hold principled objections to gun-right restrictions, to voluntarily hand over the right and the security it provides American families would require a profound trust in their government that has been obliterated in recent years through widespread corruption. (Read more from “Here’s the Fatal Flaw in Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Common Sense’ Gun Plan” HERE)

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