Pro-Impeachment Republicans Face Uncertain Futures Ahead of Midterms

More than a year after they broke with the vast majority of their party to support President Donald Trump’s impeachment, a handful of Republican members of Congress is fighting uphill battles to keep their seats.

Voters will soon decide the fates of five of the 10 GOP House members who cast votes in favor of Trump’s second impeachment in 2021.

Four of the 10 have said they’ll retire rather than seek reelection in the post-Trump environment.

Another, Rep. Tom Rice (SC), has already faced voters in the primaries and discovered just how costly crossing Trump can be: He lost against a Trump-backed challenger earlier this month. Rice, like some of the other Republican impeachment backers, remained critical of Trump months after the impeachment battle had concluded.

Each of the five Republicans fighting to remain in Congress this year is facing circumstances unique to his or her district. (Read more from “Pro-Impeachment Republicans Face Uncertain Futures Ahead of Midterms” HERE)

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