‘Pro-life Spider-Man’ Scales Oklahoma Building In Latest Anti-Abortion Stunt (VIDEO)

A man who calls himself the “pro-life Spider-Man” scaled Oklahoma’s tallest skyscraper on Tuesday in his latest stunt for anti-abortion activism.

Local police said they were aware Tuesday morning of a person climbing the 844-foot-tall Devon Tower in downtown Oklahoma City and advised residents to avoid the area. Once he successfully climbed to the top, Maison Des Champs was met by first responders and police and taken into custody.

“This morning a climber scaled the side of Devon Tower. We are happy to report that he is now safe,” Devon Energy tweeted. “A huge THANK YOU to our local OKC emergency responders for getting here quickly and taking action.”

Des Champs, 23, will only face a trespassing complaint following the climbing stunt, according to the Oklahoma City Police Department. The daredevil climber is a finance student originally from Michigan and has climbed multiple skyscrapers with nothing but a chalk bag and clothes on his back in an effort to raise money for anti-abortion organizations. Another person who was operating a camera drone was also taken into custody, police said.

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