Taiwan Official Warns Supersonic Cruise Missile Can Strike Beijing

You Si Kun, President of Taiwan’s Legislative Assembly, or Yuan, gave a speech on Taiwan Overseas Network where he declared that the country’s domestically produced Yun Feng supersonic cruise missile is capable of reaching Beijing. The message follows ominous warnings made by Chinese military officials directly to their U.S. counterparts to avoid the Taiwan Strait, claiming it is not international waters. However, the United States, along with the vast majority of the international community, does not accept China’s claims in this regard. This also comes as U.S. President Joe Biden recently vowed to defend Taiwan amid a crisis, although the statement was walked back to a degree, leaving allies to question how a crisis could pan out.

In his speech, You encouraged the Chinese government to think twice before invading Taiwan, reminding them that the largely secretive Yun Feng supersonic cruise missile is a capability they won’t shy away from using. The speech also underscored a growing desire held by Taiwan to develop a more self-sufficient military-industrial complex for the country to more freely prepare for a potential conflict with China.

These ambitions are echoed by purported pressure from the U.S. government urging Taiwan to decrease its focus on some advanced weapons procurement programs in favor of less flashy but potentially more combat-relevant initiatives. You compared his aspirations to Ukraine’s will to defend its sovereignty throughout its war with Russia, insisting that Taiwan should not wait for China to invade and instead actively prepare for what may prove to be inevitable. Liberty Times Net writes of You’s remarks:

You Xikun [Si Kun] mentioned that Taiwan’s defense advantage is due to the natural dangers of the Straits. The CCP [Chinese Communist Party] must cross the Taiwan Strait to attack Taiwan, which is different from Russia’s attack on Ukraine… If you want to land, you will fight on the beachhead. If the landing is successful, everyone in Taiwan must be as determined to die as Ukraine. Go out and never let China swallow Taiwan.

…Yunfeng missile can already hit Beijing, and Taiwan has the ability to attack Beijing. China must think twice before invading Taiwan.

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