Experts: Putin Might Be Saving Aerial Firepower for Attack on NATO

NATO released a report Wednesday suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin might be saving his aerial firepower amid the war in Ukraine for a potential attack on NATO nations.

The NATO Defense College’s brief, “Russia’s military after Ukraine: down but not out,” outlines Russia’s resources amid losses in its current “special military operation” in Ukraine.

“Russia has not utilized its full military potential in the attack against Ukraine,” the analysis read. “It did not order general mobilization. Maintaining the ability to engage, if needed, in operations against NATO may explain some of the characteristics and ‘surprises’ of the Russian war against Ukraine, for example the limited use of airpower, gradual deployment of older and less precise weapon systems, or what appear to be subdued attacks in cyberspace.

“The official Russian narrative is almost always defensive, but the essence of Moscow’s approach is to change the status quo. In this context, an attack against a NATO country remains a possibility.”

Military experts have long warned that Putin’s designs on Ukraine might extend to other former Soviet Union nations, including those that have already been given defense assurances through NATO. (Read more from “Experts: Putin Might Be Saving Aerial Firepower for Attack on NATO” HERE)

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