Murkowski Ally Hits Alaska GOP Senate Rival for Fishing Violations

Alaska Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka may be reeling from past commercial fishing violations, which her incumbent opponent Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AL) is highlighting in a new attack ad.

A new commercial paid for by the Alaska for Lisa super PAC shows two Alaskan fishermen blasting Tshibaka for her violations of state fishing laws, accusing her of thinking herself above the law. The Alaska Department of Public Safety fined Tshibaka $270 in October for commercial fishing without a commercial fishing license, and she previously ran into trouble in 2019 when she got a sport fishing license limited to people who have lived in the state for more than a year, which at the time she had not.

“Kelly Tshibaka illegally claimed to qualify for a resident fishing license, but she got caught,” the two fishermen said in the ad. “She was also cited for commercial fishing illegally. We take our commercial fishing logs very seriously. She said she didn’t understand the rules, but she’s a Harvard lawyer. Tshibaka understands the rules. She just doesn’t think they apply to her. Tshibaka is wrong for Alaska.”

Tshibaka, a former state Cabinet official, didn’t face fines for the 2019 incident. She is a darling of former President Donald Trump, who is hoping to unseat Murkowski after she voted to impeach him in 2021. Staunch Republicans have accused Murkowski of being a “Republican in name only,” or RINO, for her centrist positions. (Read more from “Murkowski Ally Hits Alaska GOP Senate Rival for Fishing Violations” HERE)

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