Stephen King Appears to Praise Holocaust Architect as ‘Great Man’ in Prank Call (VIDEO)

Renowned horror author Stephen King appeared to praise Ukrainian Nazi collaborator and Holocaust architect Stepan Bandera as “a great man” in a released prank phone call from Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus.

The comedic duo posted a video to Telegram in which King, an outspoken supporter of Ukraine on Twitter, appears to believe he is speaking with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. In a wide-ranging conversation, the duo seem to get King to offer “Zelensky” a part as Pennywise, the monster clown from King’s It, in a new movie. They also get him to consider writing a screenplay supporting the Azov Regiment in which Russian soldiers rape an Azov commander. At one point, the author says, “I think that Russian writers need to shut up,” according to the tape.

The Zelensky impostor claimed there were no Nazis in Ukraine and dismissed the Ukrainian nationalist Bandera’s “crimes against Jews” as “accidental,” the tape shows. He then asked what King thought of Bandera, according to the footage.

“You can always find things about people to pull them down. Washington and Jefferson were slave owners — that doesn’t mean they didn’t do many good things to the United States of America. There are always people who have flaws, we are humans. On the whole, I think Bandera is a great man, and you’re a great man, and Viva Ukraine!” King purportedly answered. (Read more from “Stephen King Appears to Praise Holocaust Architect as ‘Great Man’ in Prank Call” HERE)

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