The Crybaby Leftist Mind

Modern progressives assume moral and intellectual authority.

Consequently, their supposedly superior ends naturally justify almost any means necessary to achieve them.

Among the elite, the Democrats’ “blue wall” states were once considered a testament to the wisdom of the Electoral College. When that wall crumbled in 2016 to Donald Trump, the Electoral College suddenly was blasted as a relic of our anti-democratic Founders.

The nine-person Supreme Court was once beloved. On issues like abortion, school prayer, same-sex marriage, pornography, and Miranda rights, the left cheered the court as it made the law and ignored legislatures and presidents. . .

Suddenly a narrow constructionist majority has returned matters of abortion to the states. And the once-beloved court is being slandered by leftist insurrectionists as illegitimate. (Read more from “The Crybaby Leftist Mind” HERE)

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