Trump in Alaska: Lisa Murkowski ‘Worse than a Democrat’

By Breitbart. Former President Donald Trump went hard against Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski at a rally in her home state of Alaska on Saturday, denouncing her as being “worse than a Democrat.”

Campaigning for several candidates in the state, including Murkowski’s challenger Kelly Tshibaka, the former president said Murkowski was a “lousy senator” who hails from the Washington swamp, citing her opposition to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court and her eventual confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

“She’s a total creature of the Washington swamp but much worse than that and a tool of a corrupt establishment, the likes of which we’ve never seen. The fake news media loves her,” Trump said.

The former president also scolded Murkowski for voting for gun control legislation after the shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas.

“This is your precious chance to dump the horrific RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski, who’s worse than a Democrat. She’s worse than a Democrat,” Trump said. (Read more from “Trump in Alaska: Lisa Murkowski ‘Worse Than a Democrat’” HERE)


Trump Avoids Word ‘Vaccine’ at Alaska Rally After Boos Over It in Alabama

By Newsweek. Former President Donald Trump appeared to avoid saying the word “vaccine” during his rally in Alaska on Saturday after he was booed for encouraging his supporters to get vaccinated in past rallies.

He has often found himself at odds over the vaccine with segments of his voters. The former president has vocally supported the vaccine, touting it as one of his accomplishments during his presidential tenure. However, many of his own voters have expressed skepticism about the vaccine, which is shown to prevent severe illness from COVID-19.

Trump acknowledged the tension Saturday, when he skirted around using the word while simultaneously boasting about his efforts to get out a vaccine within the first year of the pandemic. His remarks illustrate the extent of how the vaccine, which received wide support from both major parties, have become politicized.

“We did so much in terms of therapeutics, and a word that I’m not allowed to mention—but I’m still proud of that word,” he said. “We did that in nine months, and it was supposed to take five years to 12 years and nobody else could’ve done it. But I’m not mentioning it in front of my own people.” (Read more from “Trump Avoids Word ‘Vaccine’ at Alaska Rally After Boos Over It in Alabama” HERE)

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