Here’s What the Liberal Media Missed About Kansas’ Abortion Vote

They’re just wrong. It’s sad how the liberal media is clinging to hope regarding this abortion vote in Kansas. The state rejected a pro-life amendment to the state constitution. If it passed, it would have paved the way for a potential outright ban on abortion in the state. The voter initiative went down in flames 58/41. So, of course, the national news media popped open champagne, declaring that this spells big trouble for Republicans. No, it doesn’t. This jubilation from the liberal media is a classic sign that we’re watching another episode of ‘inside the bubble.’

Abortion isn’t going to save Democrats in 2022.

Liberal media members, I have some news for you. We’re in an economic recession. Joe Biden’s approvals are garbage, especially with Hispanics and Asian voters. Every demographic that isn’t whiny woke white women in college has shifted big league to the GOP. To Vox Media’s credit, they noted how the wording of this amendment was a disaster. Second, Kansas still has strict limits on abortion. The state prohibits public funding, a 22-week ban, and a parental consent law is in place.

Is it a total ban? No, but it could be where we’re heading on this issue. There is no outright ban, though there will be multiple attempts from the pro-life side. The Left is still an emotional wreck over the Dobbs decision. Then, before any talk about abortion, they need to decide whether men can or cannot get pregnant. Once that happens, they can go out there and defend their abortion at all times and without exception, a position that is not popular. (Read more from “Here’s What the Liberal Media Missed About Kansas’ Abortion Vote” HERE)

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