Shia LaBeouf’s Conversion Is The Story Of A Real Encounter With God, Not A Marketing Ploy

Up until last week, there were few positive search results for Shia LaBeouf’s name on any search engine website. The actor has had a slew of mishaps, several ending up with police officers and inside courtrooms. Now, he claims that his preparation for and role in a new movie on the life of the Catholic priest and St. Padre Pio has converted him to the Catholic faith.

Some might propose that LaBeouf’s “conversion” is a ploy to promote his movie since he was such a down-and-out actor. His career was nearly over, so maybe he is willing to do anything to return to the spotlight. There are several reasons why this is not probable. Among the top two reasons is the depth and intricacy of his explanation of his conversion along with the literal transformation of his life. . .

Now, he says he is a changed man. A judge ruled that he would have to attend weekly meetings for his anger management as well as be monitored for his drinking problem. Simultaneously, he was approached about the possibility of playing Padre Pio. So he got in his truck and began living in the parking lot of a seminary (an institution where men study to be priests) to learn more about the Catholic faith and the famous saint.

At the time that he was asked to play Padre Pio, Lebouf claims that “he had a gun on the table. It was all over for me.” Meeting Catholics who were authentically living out the faith and appeared to have intimacy with the person of Jesus Christ made him curious about the faith at first and later convinced him that he misunderstood who Jesus was. . .

Historically speaking, what happened to LaBeouf has happened to countless Christians. From St. Augustine to St. Francis and all the way back to St. Paul. Jesus often becomes most real and life-changing when people are at their absolute lowest point. He offers a way out for the sinner who thinks that everything is over. This is a major reason why LaBeouf’s story is circulating so quickly and why it can be trusted as authentic. (Read more from “Shia Labeouf’s Conversion Is the Story of a Real Encounter With God, Not a Marketing Ploy” HERE)

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