California School District Trying to Oust Christian School Citing Building Safety

A California school district is trying to shut down a private Christian school, citing building safety concerns the school says are baseless.

The Ventura Unified School District (VUSD), just northwest of Los Angeles, is demanding Ventura County Christian School (VCCS) vacate the school’s premises, claiming one of the buildings is structurally unsafe for students.

On August 19, three days before school was supposed to start, the district told the school that the facility was dangerous and that it would not renew the school’s lease for the property.

“We understand the difficult timing of this,” Marieanne Quiroz, a district spokeswoman, told the Ventura County Star. “We did and continue to do our very best to make accommodations for the school.”

“They have put their blood, sweat and tears into the school for 30 years. I understand that devotion and sense of loss,” Sabrena Rodriguez, the district board president, said last weekend. “But as a public agency, the school district has very clear direction for the decisions they have to make.” (Read more from “California School District Trying to Oust Christian School Citing Building Safety” HERE)

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