Insanity: Alleged Killer Freed After Confessing to Mowing Down Teen Over ‘Political Argument’

A suspected killer in North Dakota accused of mowing down an 18-year-old over the teen’s alleged conservative views was quickly released from jail. Townhall was the first to report that 41-year-old Shannon Joseph Brandt, of Glenfield, was freed from a local detention facility just two days after he confessed to hitting Cayler Ellingson, 18, with his car in an apparent politically motivated attack that resulted in the victim’s death.

Jail inmate records show that Brandt was let out sometime on Tuesday and the Stutsman County Correctional Center administrator confirmed to Townhall that the defendant posted a $50,000 bond yesterday. Foster County Sheriff Justin Johnson also verified that Brandt is back on the streets pending his next court appearance.

Since his swift release, Brandt began scrubbing his locked-down social media activity. Then the suspect’s Facebook account was deactivated Wednesday after public comments swarmed his page.

According to the Fargo-based InForum, which broke the news of the Brandt case, the fatal hit-and-run happened early Sunday morning in the rural city of McHenry, where a community “street dance” was wrapping up. (Read more from “Insanity: Alleged Killer Freed After Confessing to Mowing Down Teen Over ‘Political Argument’” HERE)

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