Nationwide School Club Encourages Teen Girls to Crush Their Breasts

“Gender and Sexuality Alliance” (GSA) clubs at public and private schools nationwide encourage teen girls with gender dysphoria to “bind” their breasts, according to GSA resources reviewed by the Daily Caller.

Schools in Minnesota, Maryland, California, Illinois and Massachusetts are among the hundreds of schools that offer GSA clubs that promote “chest binding” — the practice of crushing healthy breast tissue — to teenage girls. Some schools, including Waltham High School in Massachusetts, raise money to purchase chest binders for teen girls who cannot afford them.

“Need a chest binder, but can’t buy one? The GSA will raise money and order one for you,” a GSA club flier reads.

The GSA club at Chaska High School in Minnesota includes links to a pros and cons list for different types of chest binders. The guidelines also note that teens who don’t have access to binders can wear two sports bras to compress their breasts. (Read more from “Nationwide School Club Encourages Teen Girls to Crush Their Breasts” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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