Religious School Suspends ALL Clubs After Ordered to Push LGBT Agenda

A religious school that was ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court to recognize an LGBT student organization has instead suspended all student groups while it evaluates the high court’s orders.

A report in the Washington Examiner cited a “backlash” from students at Yeshiva University, after the New York school suspended student club activities until further notice.

That announcement came after the Supreme Court, 5-4, ordered the school to recognize an LGBT club.

“In an email sent Friday by Yeshiva’s Office of Student Life, the New York City-based university said it would ‘hold off on all undergraduate club activities’ while it assesses the impact of the Supreme Court’s Wednesday ruling, which requires the university to recognize the Yeshiva University Pride Alliance while legal challenges play out,” the Examiner said.

“The university will hold off on all undergraduate club activities while it immediately takes steps to follow the roadmap provided by the U.S. Supreme Court to protect YU’s religious freedom,” the university said. (Read more from “Religious School Suspends All Clubs After Ordered to Push LGBT Agenda” HERE)

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