State Law Banning Pornography in Public Schools Goes Into Effect

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey approved Republican Rep. Jake Hoffman’s proposed House Bill 2495 on July 6. It went into effect this past weekend, meaning public schools in the state can no longer subject students to pornography.

While some opponents of the bill suggested that by preventing children from engaging with works depicting sodomy, masturbation, oral sex, and other sex acts, Arizona Republicans have effectively censored “LGBTQ+ stories,” Hoffman underlined that his objective, now realized, was the protection of “kids from sexually explicit material.” . . .

The law prohibits children’s use of or referral to textual, visual, or audio materials that contain graphic depictions — literal or simulated — of sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or sexual acts (e.g., normal sex, sodomy, and masturbation).

Notwithstanding suggestions from early critics of the bill that kids would be precluded from reading books like “The Canterbury Tales,” the bill states that materials may be exempted if they possess serious educational value for minors or possess serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value. Exempted material can be used and referenced on the condition that the school obtains parental consent in advance.

In the event that exempted material is the subject of an assignment or curricular learning and parental consent is not secured, an alternative assignment not containing explicit material must be provided. (Read more from “State Law Banning Pornography in Public Schools Goes Into Effect” HERE)

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