The Balenciagas of an Anti-Christian World ‘Condemn’ Child Abuse While Castrating, Traumatizing, and Exploiting Kids

It’s hard to think of an episode more tailored to confirm the wildest conspiracy theories of QAnon — that global elites are a bunch of Satan-worshipping pedophiles — than the ongoing Balenciaga scandal.

Here you have a luxury fashion brand literally caught in the act of grooming, with a recent ad campaign featuring small children in Balenciaga apparel holding teddy bears wearing sexual fetish and bondage gear, and another ad campaign that included images of court documents from a 2008 Supreme Court decision in United States v. Williams, which ruled on a law banning the pandering of child pornography.. .

But there is a deeper story here beyond the hypocrisy and depravity of a single luxury fashion brand, which is that companies like Balenciaga, along with nearly all corporate brands today, have no criteria for saying why such images are a “wrong choice,” or that publishing them is a “grievous error.”

In its statement, Balenciaga says, “We strongly condemn child abuse.” But does it? The photo shoots themselves, in which young children were exposed to teddy bears in BDSM gear, were arguably abusive. How can a brand both condemn and engage in child abuse?

The answer is that the term “child abuse” has no meaning to the people who run Balenciaga, just as it has no meaning to the people who provide “gender-affirming care” at Boston Children’s Hospital, one of many hospitals where minors are routinely castrated, mutilated, and given powerful puberty-blocking drugs that cause irreversible damage. Same goes for those who put on all-ages drag shows targeting children, or push for pornographic material to be available in public school libraries. For these people, “child abuse” is a phrase without content, a holdover from a moral universe they believe they have transcended, or perhaps destroyed. (Read more from “The Balenciagas of an Anti-Christian World ‘Condemn’ Child Abuse While Castrating, Traumatizing, and Exploiting Kids” HERE)

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