UN Faces Pushback Against Assertion That ‘Words Can Be Weapons’

The United Nations caught flak on social media for claiming that “words can be weapons.”

“Words can be weapons. Hate speech online can lead to cruelty & violence in real life. Get tips for how you can say #NoToHate,” the U.N. tweeted, linking to a page on its website that discusses the topic of so-called “hate speech.”

“I wish we’d defund you,” conservative radio host Dana Loesch tweeted in response to the U.N.’s post.

“No they can’t. Just stop. You have member nations engaged in slavery & mass murder. How about you get some priorities?” PJ Media columnist Stacey Lennox tweeted.

“No they are not. The UN is useless, corrupt, hypocritical and should be disbanded and forcibly removed from United States soil,” someone else tweeted. (Read more from “UN Faces Pushback Against Assertion That ‘Words Can Be Weapons'” HERE)

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