‘I Couldn’t Believe It’: Classmate Remembers Nashville Shooter As ‘Quiet’ Girl Who ‘Looked So Innocent’

A former classmate of the suspected Nashville, Tennessee, school shooter remembered his acquaintance as a “quiet” girl who “looked so innocent,” noting to the Daily Caller News Foundation that the recent events shocked him.

On Monday, 28-year-old Audrey Hale, a woman who was transgender and went by “he/him” pronouns, shot through the doors of The Covenant School and opened fire, killing three kids and three adults, before being fatally shot by police. Ashshahid Muhammad, who made the 2016 Nossi College of Art Dean’s list with Hale, told the DCNF that when he saw the news in Nashville, he couldn’t believe his former classmate was involved.

“I went to school with her and there was nothing negative that I saw,” Muhammad told the DCNF. “She was very quiet, stayed to herself. She was just quiet, you know, like when I heard about the shooting, when I saw the picture of the person, I couldn’t believe it was her, because, like I said, she looked so innocent. If you were around her in the school, she looked like she wouldn’t hurt a fly. She looked like just a little sweet person.”

Hale entered The Covenant School on Monday around 10:13 a.m. with two “assault-type” rifles and one handgun. Prior to the shooting, Hale had legally purchased seven firearms and was undergoing medical care for an “emotional disorder.”

Police “strongly believe” Hale had other targets such as a local mall and family members, but “too much security” turned her away. Hale, a former student at the school, “had some history there” and “possibly some resentment,” according to law enforcement officials, who will not release Hale’s manifesto.

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