Don’t Believe the Activists’ Hype: There Is No ‘Trans Genocide’

We’re often told that a genocide is occurring in America — namely, a “trans genocide.”

Apparently, people whose gender identities do not correspond with their biological sex are being intentionally killed in large numbers.

Even President Joe Biden’s White House seems to think so. . .

Across the US, there were a total of 266 hate crimes against transgender people. . .

As Dennis Kneale notes in the Washington Examiner, “this works out to a murder rate for trans people of just 2.66 people per 100,000 transgender people. The murder rate in the general population is almost three times as high — 6.52 people per 100,000.” (Read more from “Don’t Believe the Activists’ Hype: There Is No ‘Trans Genocide'” HERE)

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