Corporate Media Is Hiding the Real Reason Disney Canceled Its New Florida Investment

Disney scrapped its plan to build a new office complex in Florida that would have cost the company nearly $1 billion. While the move is likely part of an overall cost-cutting plan, the corporate media framed the story as a virtuous rebuke of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ policies.

In The New York Times’ coverage, reporter Brooks Barnes lamented the 2,000 jobs that the Lake Nona region of Florida was set to lose due to Disney’s decision. The project would have re-located mostly high-paid Disney employees from the current California office to a new campus 20 miles from Disney World.

However, Barnes spent the bulk of the article framing the move around Disney’s, as well as the Democrats’ preferred narrative. He blamed the move on DeSantis’ “scorched-earth attempt” to reign in Disney’s foray into left-wing gender politics. He discussed a memo, viewed by the Times, that blamed the “changing business conditions” in Florida for forcing Disney to reconsider further investment in the state.

The memo did not mention DeSantis by name, but it didn’t have to. There was no need for Disney CEO (and prominent Biden supporter) Bob Iger to get his hands dirty and spark another public sparring match with DeSantis. Disney executives let the media do the dirty work for them. Two anonymous sources confirmed to the Times that Disney’s “battle with the governor and his allies in the Florida Legislature figured prominently into Disney’s decision to cancel the Lake Nona project.” That is all the corporate press needed to justify sparking the latest anti-DeSantis narrative. (Read more from “Corporate Media Is Hiding the Real Reason Disney Canceled Its New Florida Investment” HERE)

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