Father Jailed After ‘Misgendering’ Daughter Lands Win in Appeal Court

A Canadian father who was thrown in jail after “misgendering” his gender-confused teenage daughter has scored a legal win in the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

A judgment issued earlier this month said Robert Hoogland did not have to spend any more time behind bars, and the court dropped an order for him to pay a $30,000 fine.

“I expected that I would finish — if not all of that six months, a big chunk of it [in prison],” Hoogland told The Daily Wire in a phone interview. “This is a huge win, because what it does is it was setting a precedent – and what they wanted was a real deterrent for parents, especially when they are standing up against the trans agenda, with what’s being pushed through the schools, by the school counselors and all of these different things.”

Hoogland — who was featured anonymously in the Daily Wire documentary “What is a Woman?” — took legal action after a Canadian children’s hospital in 2018 told him that his daughter, who was then just 13 years old, was going to be injected with testosterone, despite Hoogland refusing to give his consent. In Canada, the Infants Act permits minors to consent to their own trans treatments if doctors think it’s in their best interests; parents’ consent is irrelevant.

Disagreeing with the hospital, Hoogland said his daughter needed time and mental health support, not transgender medical interventions that can be irreversible. Testosterone and other trans interventions have been linked to fertility issues, lower bone density, and a host of other problems. (Read more from “Father Jailed After ‘Misgendering’ Daughter Lands Win in Appeal Court” HERE)

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