Chinese Military Conducts Massive Dispatch of Jets Near Taiwan

China’s military stepped up its provocative military operations around Taiwan over the weekend, flying over 100 military aircraft near the island democracy it has vowed one day to take over.

A total of 103 jets were detected on Sunday and 40 of the planes crossed the median line down the middle of the 100-mile-wide Taiwan Strait, the Taiwan Defense Ministry disclosed in a post on X, the site formerly known as Twitter. Nine PLA navy vessels also were spotted, the ministry said.

The Chinese warplanes included 10 Su-30s, 12 J-10s, four J-11s, 10 J-16s, two Y-20 refueling tankers and two KJ-500 warning and control jets.

The latest demonstration followed major PLA war games around Taiwan from Sept. 11-15 that included 20 warships, among them the aircraft carrier Shandong and two other action groups of destroyers and frigates. Taipei said that in response Taiwanese jets were scrambled, naval vessels deployed, and land-based missile systems activated.

The observance of the unofficial maritime dividing line between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland had until recently been a key tool in maintaining a fragile status quo. Analysts say the median-line crossings are the latest indication China is challenging the status quo despite repeated U.S. and Taiwanese complaints. (Read more from “Chinese Military Conducts Massive Dispatch of Jets Near Taiwan” HERE)

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