‘Increasing Danger’ for War on Israel in Coming Weeks

There are signs – and they are growing – that suggest a war on Israel could break out as early as the next few months.

An analysis from the Middle East Media Research Institute notes that radical organizations like Hamas and Hiezbullah are not “eager” to begin a comprehensive confrontation with Israel, but there have been “growing indications that a war against Israel may break out in September or October 2023.”

The report said “The trigger may be spiraling violent clashes resulting in many casualties, or the use of new weapons leading to many fatalities on the Israeli side, in the face of which Israel will be unable to suffice with its regular counterterrorism measures.”

The warning signs include “growing provocations” by Hezbullah on Israel’s northern border.

Those acts include “setting up tents in the Har Dov area, inside Israeli territory, dismantling surveillance cameras along the border fence near Fatima Gate and firing an anti-tank missile into Israel,” the report said. (Read more from “‘Increasing Danger’ for War on Israel in Coming Weeks” HERE)

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