Leftist Judge Removes ‘Unborn Child’ From Ballot Questions for Abortion Amendment

A Missouri judge rewrote the ballot summaries for six proposed initiative petitions to institute abortion rights into the state constitution to remove language such as “unborn child,” “end the life,” and “the right to life” — a setback to the anti-abortion rights side.

In a ruling issued on Monday, Judge Jon Beetem wrote that 13 of the phrases used in the summaries written by Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft were “argumentative” and obscured the intention of the amendment to protect abortion rights and other rights related to reproduction.

A near-total abortion restriction in Missouri took effect immediately after the announcement of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court decision in June 2022 that overturned federal abortion rights.

Anna Fitz-James, representing the political action committee Missourians for Constitutional Freedom, filed 11 versions of an abortion amendment proposal to enshrine abortion into the state constitution in March.

Beetem said Ashcroft, who is running in the gubernatorial election on a strong anti-abortion platform, ignored the other elements of reproductive healthcare in the ballot summaries, such as contraception and fertility care. (Read more from “Leftist Judge Removes ‘Unborn Child’ From Ballot Questions for Abortion Amendment” HERE)

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