Mysterious Golden Specimen Discovered 2 Miles Underwater

A team of deep sea explorers visiting an extinct volcano found something resembling a golden egg 250 miles off the coast of southern Alaska.

The discovery was made Wednesday, Aug. 30, as a NOAA Ocean Exploration team recorded video in “the deep abyssal depths of the Gulf of Alaska.”

There, at a depth of about 2 miles, sat a shiny golden orb — with a perplexing hole in it.

“Something tried to get in … or to get out,” one researcher observed in a live feed.

In the debate that followed, the team made funny references to everything from the X-Files to classic monster movies. It was ultimately decided a sample of the orb was needed to examine its DNA. (Read more from “Mysterious Golden Specimen Discovered 2 Miles Underwater” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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