Scientists Issue Health Warning to Anyone Who Wears a Smartwatch

. . .A study by researchers at Florida Atlantic University found that 95% of 20 different smartwatch wristbands tested were contaminated with bacteria capable of causing disease.

By analysing different types of wristband materials, researchers found that rubber and plastic bands had the most bacteria on them, while metal bands like gold and silver were virtually free from bacteria.

‘Plastic and rubber wristbands may provide a more appropriate environment for bacterial growth as porous and static surfaces tend to attract and be colonized by bacteria,’ said biological scientist Nwadiuto Esiobu from Florida Atlantic University.

The researchers believe that the bacteria get onto the wristbands from the skin, sweat, and environment.

They also found that the type of activity the wearer engaged in affected the level of bacteria on the wristband. For example, wristbands from gym goers had the highest levels of staphylococcal bacteria. (Read more from “Scientists Issue Health Warning to Anyone Who Wears a Smartwatch” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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