McDonald’s Contradicts Itself on Israel-Hamas Attacks, Denies ‘Political Involvement’

McDonald’s appeared to contradict itself multiple times over its corporate position on the Israel-Hamas attacks after announcing it would be giving free food to Israeli soldiers.

The fast food franchise’s branches in Oman and Pakistan then posted statements on X (formerly Twitter) distancing themselves from the restaurant’s Israeli initiative.

“We also would like to confirm that McDonald’s Corporation is a listed company, owned by millions of shareholders from around the world, including Arabs and Muslims,” McDonald’s Oman said. “McDonald’s corporation never interferes in politics and always adheres to absolute neutrality.”

McDonald’s Pakistan released a similar statement, emphasizing their restaurants are “not affiliated with McDonald’s operations in Israel, which is a locally-owned Israeli enterprise.” The Pakistani branch also noted that the Israeli company is a “separate entity” from that overseeing the 81 restaurants in Pakistan. (Read more from “McDonald’s Contradicts Itself on Israel-Hamas Attacks, Denies ‘Political Involvement’” HERE)

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