New House Speaker Mike Johnson Lays Out Plans to Impeach Biden

Newly minted House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA.) suggests that one of his first business orders is to advance efforts to impeach President Joe Biden.

During an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Johnson said that removing Biden from office is a real possibility due to the president’s ties to his family’s corrupt money-funneling scheme.

Johnson said that the Republican Party is the rule-of-law party and will follow the truth where it leads and engage in due process.

“We have the receipts on so much of this now,” Johnson explained, suggesting that Biden was involved in his family’s foreign business dealings. “It’s a real problem.”

“That’s the reason that we shifted into the impeachment inquiry stage on the president himself because if, in fact, all the evidence leads to where we believe it will, that’s very likely impeachable offenses,” he added. “That’s listed as a cause for impeachment in the Constitution — bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors.” (Read more from “New House Speaker Mike Johnson Lays Out Plans to Impeach Biden” HERE)

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