New Suspicions on Who Built Jan. 6 ‘Gallows’

A new report is raising questions about who put a gallows on the National Mall for the Jan. 6, 2021, election protests, an image that has been used by Democrats to smear supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Lawyer Ed Martin, who has helped over 100 riot suspects fight their cases, has reviewed hours of video and believes that the structure from which a noose was hung was planted by anti-Trump operatives, not the election protesters.

“Reagan taught us to trust but verify. In the current environment, my operating system is: ‘Distrust, then verify.’ And so my starting point is they’re lying to us. And then I’ll figure out if they might be telling the truth,” he told Secrets.

Martin, well known in conservative circles as president of the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles and for his Pro America Report radio show, said the video shows a man rolling the gallows to the Mall early on Jan. 6. He then goes to get coffee. “Who is Mr. Coffee?” he asked in his report. Several hours later, the same man returns to finish assembling the device after lunch. (Read more from “New Suspicions on Who Built Jan. 6 ‘Gallows’” HERE)

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