Trump Calls Federal Gag Order in DC Trial ‘So Unconstitutional’ and Says He Will Appeal

Former President Donald Trump blasted a limited gag order a federal judge issued against him Monday in the Washington, D.C., criminal election interference case.

Trump claimed the gag order was “so unconstitutional” and that his team would appeal the order during a campaign event in Adel, Iowa, Monday afternoon and just mere hours after his campaign spokesperson called the order “an absolute abomination.”

“Today a judge put on a gag order. I’ll be the only politician in history that runs with a gag order where I’m not allowed to criticize people. Can you imagine this?” Trump said. “Do you believe this? I’m not allowed to criticize people, so we’ll see. We’ll appeal it and we’ll see but it’s so unconstitutional.”

Trump again compared himself to the infamous American gangster Al Capone before bragging about his increasing support in the wake of four criminal cases and the 91 indictments he faces.

“He was only indicted one time. I’ve been indicted four times,” Trump said, comparing himself to Capone. “And in addition, I have the civil trials that are all coming out of the Justice Department. They’ve weaponized the Justice Department and the FBI … This is like a banana republic but we’re going to be okay. … The good news is, I’m the only one that’s ever been indicted with the numbers went through the roof.” (Read more from “Trump Calls Federal Gag Order in DC Trial ‘So Unconstitutional’ and Says He Will Appeal” HERE)

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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