‘Glamour’ Names Transgender Model as ‘2023 Woman of the Year’

Glamour magazine has named a male-born transgender model as one of its 2023 Women of the Year awardees.

The magazine named Philippines model Geena Rocero as one of its seven women of the year picks in its November 1 announcement.

In its retrospective of Rocero’s career, it is revealed that the Filipino model got started when an adult drag queen groomed a then 15-year-old Rocero for a stage career.

Drag performer Tigerlily Garcia Temporosa, who is described as a “mentor and community mother,” praised Rocero as a “rising star” as a young teen.

“At 15 years old she took the highest titles here in the national pageant,” Temporosa enthused. “I [was] so proud and so happy. A lot of good transgender [competitors] wanted me to handle them, at that time, with Geena rising as a promising star.”

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Photo credit: Flickr

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