High School Nixes ‘USA Day’ to ‘Avoid Politics’

A Massachusetts high school has sparked controversy by canceling its annual “USA Day” as part of spirit week festivities, in efforts to “avoid politics.” Wellesley High School principal Jamie Chisum explained in a letter to the school community that the decision was made to avoid a topic that had become politically charged, replacing “USA Day” with “Fitness Friday.”

The cancellation, which reportedly was not open for debate, drew attention when Student Unification Program member Olivia Spagnuolo shared insights into the decision. Spagnuolo’s group, responsible for suggesting daily themes, highlighted that the patriotic theme had been vetoed in previous years. The school’s spirit week traditionally builds excitement leading up to the annual Thanksgiving football game, featuring various daily themes such as “Throwback Thursday” and “Wild West Wednesday.”

The principal’s letter acknowledged the unintended impact of the decision, stating, “We acknowledge that the impact for some people has been just the opposite of our intention and that we have inadvertently politicized this activity. I am definitely sorry for any negative effect this has had on kids and families.” Local parents and community members expressed disappointment, with one parent deeming the decision “absurd”

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