Kamala Harris Gives Troubling Answer on Pro-Hamas Demonstrations (VIDEO)

. . .Vice President Kamala Harris gave a troubling response about the Israel-Hamas war when taking questions from reporters during her visit to the Vietnam War Memorial in South Carolina.

“This is obviously a time of significant unrest and angst for many Americans as we see war in the Middle East. What is your and the President’s message to those, especially those we see protesting across the country right now,” a reporter asked Harris.

“Well, first of all, people have a right to protest, we are a democracy and we should value the voices and listen to the voices. And so I start with that and there’s no question that for most people who are aware of what’s happening, our hearts are heavy,” the vice president tellingly began her response with.

The pro-Hamas protests going on around the country and around the world have shown displays not only of vile anti-semitism, but criminal behavior. It was after Harris took this question that pro-Hamas agitators tried to storm Grand Central Station. Protesers also removed flags on the city streets–on Veteran’s Day no less–to substitute the Palestinian flag.

But, the pro-Hamas protests that devolved into defacing statues in Lafayette Park and resulted in agitators trying to storm the White House gate did occur before Harris began by stressing the right to protest, as if these were peaceful people with peaceful goals in mind.

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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