6-Year-Old Hospitalized After Gobbling Marijuana Candy Sold to Unwitting Family

A 6-year-old spent hours in the emergency room after gobbling 13 times an adult dosage of THC-laced candy a North Carolina restaurant sold the unwitting family who thought they were buying Skittles.

“He was in excruciating pain,” mother Catherine Buttereit told The Post about the harrowing ordeal.

Buttereit and her family had a fun day of duckpin bowling planned Friday in Charlotte’s South End neighborhood that was derailed when the group went out to lunch at the Common Market, which is billed as an “uncommon convenience store, deli and bar.”

The mother and her young son were ordering their lunch at the bar when his eyes caught sight of what he thought were freeze-dried Skittles sitting on the counter, Buttereit recalled. . .

The effects kicked in quickly — while playing duckpin next door to the restaurant, the boy started complaining that his pelvic area was burning, his chest was freezing, his head hurt and his stomach was in knots. (Read more from “6-Year-Old Hospitalized After Gobbling Marijuana Candy Sold to Unwitting Family” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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