Company Sparks Backlash After Using Man to Model Women’s Swimsuit (VIDEO)

Moana Bikini is facing a backlash after using a man to model and promote a racy women’s swimsuit.

The company, owned by Australian “body positive influencer” Karina Irby, posted on its Instagram account a video of male model Jake Young wearing a very revealing “SUGAR SLINKY” one-piece, the New York Post reported. The brand markets itself as “swimwear designed for every BODY!”

Social media users commented on the post and said they were done being customers after seeing the ad.

[Warning: video contains disturbing content.]

“Is that a man? I thought you were about empowering women?” one account posted. “Men seem to be trying to take over everything women hold sacred. Our safe spaces, our identity and now our fashion.”

“I’m sorry you support whatever you like but I don’t agree with men in women’s swimsuits and trying to market it towards women,” the account added. “I’ve been a loyal customer for ten years but I’m done.”

Another said, “Sorry but Moana, this is not how you empower women. This is once again giving men the power over us and saying they do it better.” (Read more from “Company Sparks Backlash After Using Man to Model Women’s Swimsuit” HERE)

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