Critics Slam WHO’s ‘Biased’ and ‘Rushed’ Approach to Transgender Guidelines

The World Health Organization (WHO) is facing criticism from a group of gender ideology critics who have launched a petition against the organization’s ongoing process to develop transgender health guidelines. The petition, titled “WHO Decides?”, expresses strong objections to what the signers perceive as a “highly biased” panel responsible for formulating the guidelines.

On December 18, the WHO announced plans to develop new transgender guidelines, focusing on advising “health sector interventions” to enhance “respectful health services” for trans-identifying and gender-diverse individuals. The guidelines will cover areas such as gender-affirming care, health policies supporting gender-inclusive care, healthcare for trans-identifying individuals who have experienced interpersonal violence, and legal recognition of self-determined gender identity.

The petition raises concerns about the composition of the WHO panel, claiming that more than three-fourths of its 21 members are transgender activists, with few physicians specialized in HIV or gender-related issues. Notably, the panel lacks representation from child development experts or detransitioners—individuals who transitioned but later regretted their decision.

The petitioners argue against what they perceive as a lack of diverse perspectives on the panel, especially given the global surge in teenagers expressing a desire for sex changes. They claim that most panel members have expressed strong views in favor of hormonal and surgical interventions, downplaying associated risks and dismissing psychotherapeutic approaches as ‘conversion therapy.’

The petition calls on the WHO to cancel its first meeting scheduled for February 19 and to revisit the formulation process. The current panel is set to present its recommendations at the WHO’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Critics highlight concerns about the rushed timeline, emphasizing the limited three-week public comment period that coincided with the Christmas and New Year holiday season, when many people were not actively engaged. The petition, supported by over 3,600 signatures, includes a diverse range of professionals, including pediatricians, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, parents of trans-identifying children, teachers, counselors, nurses, and professors.

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