Horrifying: Gang of Pedophiles Filmed Themselves Raping Toddlers Inside Mall Bathroom

Shocking and horrifying videos have emerged, revealing a gang of at least seven men sexually abusing toddlers inside the restroom of a popular Houston mall, according to law enforcement. Arthur Hector Fernandez, a 29-year-old kiosk worker at the Galleria mall, is now facing charges related to assaulting toddlers and disseminating the appalling videos online.

The investigation was initiated by the FBI after abuse videos were shared on a private online forum and brought to their attention by the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation. The videos, reportedly showing different assaults in various locations, including bathrooms at the Galleria mall, prompted immediate action.

Fernandez is the sole suspect charged in connection with the case, and it remains unclear if other individuals appearing in the videos have been identified by authorities. Two friends of Fernandez allegedly left their 2-year-old children in his care while they worked at the mall, contributing to the deeply distressing situation.

Law enforcement utilized an open-source image repository to search for the face of one of the abused children, subsequently matching it with social media images shared by one of the mothers. The identification process revealed Fernandez’s involvement, as the child’s mother recognized a pair of bracelets owned by the suspect in sanitized images provided by the police.

FBI agent Torrence White emphasized that perpetrators of such crimes often include individuals known to the victims, such as family members or community members. White warned parents that the danger might not always come from strangers but from people within their social circles.

Fernandez was arrested in December and remains in federal custody. The Galleria, Houston’s largest mall and the seventh largest in the United States, opened in 1969 and houses approximately 400 stores.

Photo credit: Flickr

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