Nikki Haley Blames Mass Immigration on Climate Change

Republican presidential primary candidate Nikki Haley once seemingly parroted a talking point used by Democrats that suggests climate change is partially to blame for mass immigration to the United States and other countries.

In January 2017, Haley went before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to be confirmed as ambassador to the United Nations (UN) in then-President Donald Trump’s administration.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR), in a written question, asked Haley about so-called “climate refugees,” as Democrats claim that mass immigration to the U.S. and other countries is partially due to global warming’s destroying crops, conditions, and communities in certain regions of the world. . .

Haley responded:

If confirmed I commit to engaging experts at the State Department and the U.N. on the issues of climate change and refugee resettlement. The U.N. plays a significant role in the management of refugees on a global basis. If confirmed, the role that climate change plays in refugee flows is an issue I look forward to assessing, and assisting refugees is a U.S. policy in which I look forward to engaging.

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