Steve Bannon Explores New, Chilling Details Behind Michael Byrd, the Man Who Shot Ashli Babbitt

The most horrific event of January 6th was the unjustified shooting of United States veteran Ashli Babbitt by Michael Byrd, an officer with a controversial past. He faced no consequences despite taking the life of an unarmed American woman.

One thing we do know is that Mr. Byrd made a false radio report immediately after killing Ashli Babbitt.

Chuck Callesto:

BOMBSHELL REPORT: After Shooting Ashli Babbitt, Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd Made FALSE Radio Report..

U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd, within a minute of discharging the bullet that fatally wounded Ashli Babbitt on January 6, 2021, transmitted a radio message asserting that he was under gunfire in the Speaker’s Lobby and declared his readiness to “fire back,” according to Federal lawsuit.


“In fact, no shots were fired at Lt. Byrd or his fellow officers.”

“The only shot fired was the single shot Lt. Byrd fired at Ashli. He heard the loud noise of the gunshot. He saw her fall backward from the window frame.”

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