World Bank Issues Grim Warning: Global Economy Faces Worst Half-Decade of Growth in 30 Years (VIDEO)

The World Bank has sounded the alarm, predicting that the global economy is hurtling towards its bleakest half-decade of growth in thirty years. In its Global Economic Prospects report released on Tuesday, the World Bank forecasted a slowdown in global growth for 2024, dropping to 2.4 percent from the 2.6 percent recorded in 2023. While this is concerning news, the report also indicated a potential upturn, anticipating growth to rebound to 2.7 percent in 2025.

The warning comes amidst geopolitical tensions, with conflicts such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine and unrest in the Middle East, raising concerns about their impact on energy prices and subsequently affecting inflation and economic growth.

Ayhan Kose, the World Bank’s deputy chief economist and director of the Prospects Group, highlighted the potential repercussions of ongoing conflicts, stating, “Escalation of these conflicts could have significant implications for energy prices that could have impacts on inflation as well as on economic growth.”

The report emphasized the need for a “major course correction” to avoid labeling the 2020s as “a decade of wasted opportunity.” It urged nations to address economic challenges promptly to prevent prolonged negative consequences.

This grim outlook aligns with earlier warnings from the World Bank in January 2023, where it anticipated the global economy dangerously inching towards a recession. The report, highlighting weaker growth in major economies like the United States, Europe, and China, revealed a significant cut in the forecast for global growth in 2023 from three percent to just 1.7 percent.

If this forecast holds true, it would mark the third-weakest annual expansion in three decades, trailing behind the deep recessions triggered by the 2008 global financial crisis and the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

As the global economy faces challenging headwinds, policymakers and leaders around the world will need to collaborate to steer a course that averts prolonged economic setbacks and ensures a more optimistic trajectory for the years ahead.

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