Report: ‘Trans-Identifying Male Inmate’ Had Sex With Female Prisoner in Cell

A male felon in Washington State who identifies as a woman is accused of having sex with a female inmate in a prison cell on March 14.

The National Review on Friday cited an incident report about a “trans-identifying male inmate” that said “a corrections officer at the Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW), discovered 35-year-old Bryan Kim, who goes by Amber FayeFox Kim, having sexual intercourse with 25-year-old Sincer-A Marie Nerton.”

Officials deemed the encounter an infraction. A hearing is expected to take place regarding what happened. The Review article also noted the prison used to be a place where only women were housed.

Meanwhile, a Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) worker told the Review there is “technically” no consensual sex allowed between inmates, but the state “has been mitigating the sanctions on offenders involved. If both offenders call it consensual, then they seem to be getting into less trouble.”

Kim was initially being held at a men’s facility in Washington before being transferred to WCCW by officials due to the DOC’s gender-inclusion policy. (Read more from “Report: ‘Trans-Identifying Male Inmate’ Had Sex With Female Prisoner in Cell” HERE)