9-Year-Old Girl Attacked at School for ‘Not Being Muslim’ (VIDEO)

Police in the town of Savage, Minnesota, are now investigating an attack on a little girl at a local school by assailants, schoolchildren, who told officials they beat her up because “she wasn’t Muslim.”

Alpha News reports Minnesota mother Shawna Larson is demanding answers after her 9-year-old daughter was “jumped” on the school playground by a group of girls. . .

The report explained Larson said her daughter’s third-grade teacher and the school principal “approached her in the school pickup line” and told her what happened.

“They came up to my vehicle and informed me that there was an incident at school that day. They wanted to make it very apparent that my daughter didn’t do anything to cause this, and they told me this was a calculated incident and that she had been attacked on the playground by four other students in her grade,” Larson told the report.

“I ended up learning … this was due to her race and her religion because she wasn’t Muslim. So that was pretty jarring to hear.” (Read more from “9-Year-Old Girl Attacked at School for ‘Not Being Muslim’ (VIDEO)” HERE)