Knifeman Stabs Multiple People in Frenzied Attack at Anti-Islam Rally

A knife-wielding madman stabbed multiple people, including a cop, at an anti-Islamist political rally in Germany on Friday in a frenzied attack that was caught on a YouTube livestream.

The bloody mayhem erupted in the middle of a square in the city of Mannheim just after 11:30 a.m. local time as members of the right-wing campaign group, Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa (BPE), were filming a demonstration, news outlet Bild reported.

The stomach-churning livestream showed the moment chaos broke out as the bearded knifeman abruptly tackled one of the victims — believed to be the group’s leader, Michael Stürzenberger — to the ground and violently started plunging a large blade into him.

Screaming onlookers rushed in to try and drag the attacker away but he broke free and continued swinging the knife at the original victim.

As the attack escalated, the knifeman started wildly stabbing those nearby and, at one point, sunk the blade into a police officer’s back. (Read more from “Knifeman Stabs Multiple People in Frenzied Attack at Anti-Islam Rally” HERE)