Spineless Christian Leaders Pave the Way to American Babylon

Last week, we heard loud and clear who the Spirit of the Age believes its enemies are.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, we learned ministering to young women seeking to kill their children would be viewed as a high crime, when pro-life activist Lauren Handy was sentenced to nearly five years in prison after she and others blockaded a Washington, D.C., late-term baby-murder facility in 2020.

Then we watched tens of thousands of people sign a petition to have Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker fired for saying Catholic things at the Catholic commencement ceremony for the Catholic Benedictine College in Kansas, followed by a letter of disavowal from the NFL itself.

Butker clearly would have been better off visiting massage parlors like the Cleveland Browns DeShaun Watson or New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Or maybe flee the scene of an accident he caused while driving erratically like his teammate Rashee Rice. Or assaulting his pregnant baby mama like Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller. Or being charged with assault via strangulation like Tennessee Titans’ running back Hasan Haskins.

Because there are no petitions to be seen there. That only happens when you uphold the dignity of life, marriage, family, and men and women like Butker did. Yes, the NFL will support the thug life over the good, the true, and the beautiful any day of the week now and twice on Sundays. (Read more from “Spineless Christian Leaders Pave the Way to American Babylon” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr