The Tide Is About To Turn Against Gender Activists Abusing America’s Kids

It’s easy to look back on the great horrors of history and wonder how they could have happened in the first place. From genocides to eugenic movements to ritualistic abuses, modern human beings wonder how people could go along with such travesties to begin with.

Historically, human minds haven’t been changed in these circumstances by facts or data or logic. It’s not often an ultra-compelling argument or nicely-presented chart that wins over hearts and minds. It’s real, raw, emotional connection.

That’s why Detrans: True Stories of Escaping the Gender Ideology Cult, a new book out Tuesday by former Daily Caller News Foundation reporter Mary Margaret Olohan, could prove to be a pivotal work in the battle for the soul of this nation on the issue of child mutilation — or, as its proponents call it, “gender-affirming care.”

Olohan’s book features in-depth interviews with “detransitioners” — that is, individuals who thought they were transgender, went through some or all phases of transitioning and then later came to regret it — detailing their experiences. It’s one of the most powerful books anyone will ever read. Each lie that is told to these victims, life-altering drug that is pushed onto them and mutilating procedure that is performed on them, leading to a life of depression and regret, will make the reader’s heart sink and trigger a shudder.

Don’t look away, though. These are real things happening to real people. Parents being told their children will kill themselves if they don’t transition. Kids waking up from surgery with the breasts removed. Losing basic bodily functions after procedures that their doctors didn’t tell them about — every horrific detail actually happened. (Read more from “The Tide Is About To Turn Against Gender Activists Abusing America’s Kids” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr