Dan Bongino With the Most On-Fire, Righteous ‘Deep State’ Rant You’ll Ever Hear

Every once in a while, you stumble upon a rant that’s so raw, so virtuous, and so fiery that it ignites a spark in your soul. That’s exactly what happened when former Secret Service agent and Trump loyalist Dan Bongino let loose in a blistering tirade against the Deep State. This was an unbridled outburst, a mix between a defiant “F YOU” and a rallying cry for Americans to stand up against these unelected tyrants, including the chief unelected dictator, Joe Biden himself.

Bongino lays it all out, clearly explaining to the American people exactly what these scumbags are up to, both publicly and behind the scenes. From employing classic Marxist tactics to projecting and blaming decent Americans for the very misdeeds they’re committing, Dan recalls the 51 intelligence officers who falsely claimed Hunter’s laptop was ‘Russian disinformation,’ and how these same deceivers are now warning that Trump’s reelection would jeopardize national security. Are you kidding me? After these traitors have tried to dismantle the very foundations of our country and betray everything our Founding Fathers fought for, they sure have some nerve.

And that’s exactly what Dan zeroes in on. He says that when President Trump retakes the White House, an investigation will be demanded, and Joe Biden will be held fully accountable. But don’t expect these Deep State players to come around—they won’t suddenly embrace “truth and justice” and reform. No, they need to be dealt with the same relentless, uncompromising way they’ve treated Trump and his supporters—zero mercy.

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr