Hunter Biden’s Jury Set: 6 Men, 6 Women, 1 Former Secret Service Employee

The jury selection for Hunter Biden’s gun case finalized on Monday with 12 jurists and four alternates. . .

Both the prosecution and the defense struck several potential jurists from the initial jury pool. Among those struck were individuals who volunteered for Hillary Clinton, who read the Guardian and watch CNN, and one who had met John “Jack” Owens, Joe Biden’s brother-in-law, when she was a bartender.

According to NBC News, the jurists who remain are:

#3: A woman who watches “CBS Evening News” every night
#5: A woman who worked for the Secret Service
#16: A woman who heard about the case on YouTube
#19: A woman who thinks that people who smoke marijuana should be allowed to own guns
#20: A man who pleaded guilty to a DUI
#26: A middle-aged black man who holds a concealed carry permit in Florida and Delaware
#31: A man who said his father “owns a few” firearms
#33: A man whose father was killed in a gun crime in 2004. His brother was also arrested for drug possession and served jail time
#34: A middle-aged, nonwhite woman who owns a firearm
#37: A man who did not know anything about the case until one week ago
#38: A woman whose childhood best friend died of a heroin overdose
#39: A man who had an older brother addicted to heroin and PCP

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