Pro-Hamas Supporters Seize Building With Cal State University President Inside

Pro-Hamas supporters still aren’t quitting their advocacy for terrorists, nor are they ceasing their tactic of staging January 6-like events and seizing buildings on college campuses. The ‘Storm the Bastille’ protocol was adopted after activists saw that nothing serious happened to the hooligans who stormed and seized a building at Columbia University. These students held the custodial staff hostage. At California State University’s Los Angeles campus, these terrorist supporters stormed a building with the university president inside. Signs of vandalism and destruction are apparent (via LA Times):

Scores of protesters occupied and vandalized a Cal State Los Angeles student services building while administrators were inside for hours before leaving Thursday morning, officials said.

The student services building was deemed a crime scene by authorities and multiple windows were defaced with messages in red paint.

Tables, hard-shelled umbrellas and rope still blocked the entrances and exits — though university officials said the building was now vacant.

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Photo credit: Flickr