WATCH: Rosie O’Donnell Raves About Non-Binary 10-Year-Old Daughter Saying ‘Gender is Infinite’

Rosie O’Donnell raved in a recent interview about her 10-year-old daughter telling her “gender is infinite,” adding, “When your child tells you who they are, believe them.”

O’Donnell told NBC Chicago’s Matt Rodrigues that her daughter, Clay, told her “gender is infinite,” and that she has struggled with remembering to use “they/them” pronouns when talking to her daughter, adding that she even got a tattoo to remind her.

“She said to me — they said to me, she prefers they/them — I got a tattoo of it so that I would remember, and every time I say ‘she,’ she goes, ‘Your tattoo isn’t working.’ I’m like, ‘Alright, smarty pants,’” the Rosie O’Donnell Show star said.

O’Donnell continued:

But, yeah, they said to me, after we were having the non-binary discussion, they said, “Mommy, do you think you’re non-binary?” And I said, “I really don’t.” I said, “When I was a kid, there was a word that everyone used called tomboy, but it wasn’t an insult. You could be a tomboy and nobody thought it was weird or bad. You could play sports, like, I was president of my senior class. I was homecoming queen, prom queen, and I was very much a tomboy. I was on every single team that we had.” And she said, “But, do you feel that you’re a girl or do you feel that you’re a boy?” I said, “I definitely feel that I’m a girl.” I said, “I’m a gay person. A gay person is someone who likes someone of the same sex, but doesn’t have any confusion about who they are and their gender.”

Well, she said — they — said to me, “Mommy, there are some kids in my class who don’t even know their gender.” So, like, an idiot I say, “Tell them next time they’re in the bathtub to look down. If it’s a hot dog, they’re a boy, and if it’s not, they’re a girl.” Then she says — they say, “Mommy, that’s their sex, that’s binary, I’m talking about their gender, and gender is infinite.”

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Photo credit: Flickr